The challenging symptoms of ADD/ADHD – difficulty sustaining focus and attention, difficulties with organization and follow-through, and low frustration thresholds – can have a profound effect on the lives of both children and adults, often leading to difficult relationships, poor academic and job performance and low self-esteem. A holistic approach that takes into account the many complexities of this condition empowers each patient to manage and overcome these challenging symptoms so that they can live a successful life. We also work with families and spouses of patients with ADD/ADHD to support their understanding of the condition and the challenges it creates in relationships.

“It’s hard to address everything going on with ADHD if you only look at an individual who has it; it affects the whole family. Parents are often stressed, confused, or overwhelmed trying to manage children with ADHD. When they begin to understand ADHD and feel more in control, everything gets better at home.“

~Dr. Mark Bertin