Wellness and Mindfulness


“We teach patients how to master the world they’re in so that they are better able to get to where they’re going.” ~Keith Lowenstein, M.D.

Lifestyle Assessment and Health Promotion in Portland OR

Lifestyle Assessment and Health Promotion

Busy lives with many layers of stress and challenge can have an insidious effect on health and wellbeing.

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Stress Related Illness assistance in Portland OR

Stress-Related Illness (Fatigue and Burnout)

There is no greater environmental threat to health and wellbeing than the dramatic escalation of chronic stress in the modern lifestyle.

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Metabolic Syndrome assistance in Portland OR

Metabolic Syndrome and Heart Health

While many of these conditions develop slowly from childhood, they can also be turned around and managed very successfully.

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Mindfulness and Meditation services in Portland OR

Mindfulness and Meditation

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